"Prison charter in Birmingham" for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. However, I found that I was particularly touched in this work of Patetism and Ethics that I had to admit that at first I was beyond my own emotions that it was confused. The letter of the king in me caused a sense of empathy, indignation and even my pride. The reactions to this reading are a sense of sin through a simple virtue, part of the king's "oppressive oppressed man" described (from 31), but after division Taking a little time for my inventory and reaction, I analyzed, I analyzed that I could no longer be responsible for the actions of the white separator, which the king described No fault, but empathy and Dr. King created a number of ways that his audience was in his role in the following paragraph: "When you suddenly find your tongue about the post. Bégaie's expression while looking for his six -year -old daughter n why you can't go to the public amusement park can only publish TV and see your tears when he tells me a happy city. The looks closed for the colorful children. In his eyes, he was distorted by tears, but ensuring my support for their situation because it was simply bad, and it was a tool. Strong at this conference, there are many examples of things that do not indignate, it is an emotion that I find in me the same in myself while climbing, but it is no longer clear that in the explanation of the house. king. Negeros became registered voters, and there are certain districts in which even black people account for the majority of the population, a single black person not saved. "(Until 180) This appointment resonating in me, because I believe that not only a complete American population is humiliated, classified as less than human rights than muscle principles. Ban, but also in many cases, is also their money to participate in the political process. The rights and obligations of coordination are in the Sakry system of the US. Many and many are injustice, another example About the injustice in this reading is the arrest of the king wrote: Now the license is now nothing bad about what is going to have a formula that requires the approval of a parade, but the agreement It becomes unfair to be used to maintain the first discrimination and rejection of citizens to the Council and Peace Protests ”(until 19) Moody or Malv application may be bad. tiger After African -Americans are exhausted in many other ways, they move for peaceful and even suffocating expressions, I wonder where they have to shoot, how they can change others and justice. where are they? While I read this article, my sympathy and indignation feeling was really strong; However, they were overwhelmed by something else, and at first sight, it seemed strange when proud of a situation full of suffering and injustice, but that was why you betrayed Apply angry with your situation? I suspected that King made a cognitive decision to maintain optimism and those who asked their motivation with worship to respond to their claims according to what I hope to be Kien Kien. Rings and reasonable. (Through 1) This explanation shows the king's commitment to deal with others by respect, even if he finds a clear distance in his argument, he asserts his position. Hey: "They regretted the expressions that took place in Birmingham, but his explanation, what I felt, I said, it has no same issues for the conditions that the protests have already cause. ". No need to react to the king's anger or hostility, he proves that the reason and kindness is a much more effective approach and is designed in a masterpiece, and many great lessons for everybody. This inspires me to express sympathy with justice and realize the good in our world, when I read this work for the first time and I was filled with emotions that have been completed. From a letter written to others for conservation, he quoted the king, Martin L Jr "Letter from Bi Ramgham prison" Batesedu Bates College, January 1, 2001, April 5, nearly year of year fifty years