Reading the body language allows you to provide information about a woman's feeling and that information can be extremely useful in the conversation. He can tell him, for example, if he is interested and must promote everything forward, or he is altruistic and should slow everything to understand the basic way of the body language of a one. The woman can read so he can catch them, do so. Do you communicate with the next advice that you face? A great way to say how much a woman cares about you to see what your body looks like when your head, chest and legs let everyone go in your direction.
Therefore, it is clear that she has your attention and attention, many of your body is positioned by you (for example, when she told her on her shoulder), she was chatting, A signal similar to reading the body language is the way a woman crosses her legs when she is sitting when she meets you away from you, you started the question of the conversation you want to uncle. The idea of ​​reading the body language is in contrast to other parts of her body, I cannot control a student of a woman. Therefore, it is a great way to get an overview of the program that you feel when we appreciate the experience we have to understand more. So, if you notice this in a conversation, you will notice that the students of women are expanding, as a great sign, appreciating the conversation of the courses for the replacement. This change for this change if it is from a great place to a dark place, the students they expand to accommodate more. Lighting, taking into account environmental factors if you read the signs of a physical language and expand the eyes of a woman when she was happy. If you are not satisfied with what is happening, you can start "block". It may be a long clinical block that doesn't like what he sees and wants to become a throat depending on what happens around him. Is it tilting towards you or far from you? Is it so close to your "personal room", or maintain the distance between you? The more you tend to find and find yourself in your personal space, the more comfortable you feel and the more likely you are interested in you and dress for you if you want to judge you interested in you like you like How, you can take this small test to explore: Give me up to you and see how it reacts when it moves. Most likely after a few moments, he is interested in backing and seeing how he reacts when he approaches them and opens in their personal space (immediately or later than tonight. ), considering this as a sign that he feels fascinated by you. Search for signs that a girl cares about you. One of the best signs you should seek when reading the body language, the more a girl touches her, the more times the more flirting and seeking your attention and more intimate attention, wallet, For example, it was a girl, rather than a girl, that she touched his shoulder with your hand on his theater trip, always likely he was just a "sensitive" girl. Therefore, if you read this sign of the appeal of the body language that touches it more intimate than anyone else, it is sure that it is a clear sign of attraction. If a girl hopes to look good and leave a good impression, she will often start adapting her hair subtly. His clothes, his jewelry or everything else to make you more attractive, this is often done unconsciously, and the more he sees it, the more you can be sure that you The desire to make a good impression is not more important when the interest of interest, the girl began to force her when she adapted to her tie, repaired her hair or something that showed the level. High comfort and may be a great appeal in her body language again is a bodied body language that people do at all times, whether they are aware or not or not , that means women constantly read their body language and make their own conclusions to them, depending on the way they transport.