Recently I wrote an ironic article by having ten hot questions about my daughter's favorite program, Sofia in the first morning, the creator and the program producer, Craig Gerber, uploaded Twitter to say that she dug up my message and my initial questions about silly consultations answered in italic. Your answer is very fat below, where you can check your Twitter page, _Craiggerber, your name living in the basement of the castle. His name is Cedric The Sensational, but in the first episodes, Sofia continued to express as a "seed" while even repaired him many times, why? And why did he stop one day? For a person named so smart that he looked quite stupid: I saw Amber that he did not really deserve his name correctly, he was often jealous of Sofias Amulet, steering wheel. Even in Sofia at night while he slept, this requires the question: Why did King Roland come up with a magic talisman (the one whom we would later learn with her sister when she was still still A girl) from her daughter, but not her own son? Answer: Roland did not know that the amulet was miraculous when he gave Sofia, he thought it was a good jewelry. He continuously and did very recently to help those who are not the king someday. Let your son be the king in Prepubère for a day so he can relax, he is George W -Bush of the kings, how is it better? Did he have been directed by Stalin and Hitler before? A: Question 6 Answer answer No. 3: Roland II is the king of people that people want to drink beer