Low oil pressure and engine audio are often attributed to internal use, especially for vehicles with high miles. With 53 -L engine to more than 200,000 miles compared to the car. When we check the oil pressure on the oil pressure and the filter and see it less than usual, we find that the drainage valve in the pump is defective, so the oil or seems to be more normal than the speed. Another, the pressure oil is due to the number of miles of the car to about 55 psi.
His question, not many years, a engine with many kilometers like his vertebra will be the main candidate to review or exchange his customers, and no one can think of It is abnormal or early, but there are many motives today, those who are still more km and the accumulated miles of the car works very well does not seem to have an automatic correlation with internal engine wear, provided that the engine has received the necessary maintenance. Therefore, you are invited to perform other tests that are often used to evaluate the internal wear of the engine that compresses and cylinders, but I am almost sure that the cause of the low oil pressure of customers of customers You can be diagnosed and accurate and drove directly from the crankshaft, the front cover has been covered through the junction, because the valve is in the oil pump, in which the picture above is the pressure and spring load and placed and placed At the side when the oil pump produces too much pressure discharge, the valve opens and wakes a part of the oil under pressure on the pump side, too much pressure is just a problem if the oil is too thick when the engine is cold or if it is cold or if The engine speed is very high, this is still very high. The exhaust valve is closed, but another error or damage to its valve or hole can be used to use the valve to still open for the valve to open, the oil pressure is continuously poured, including idle, if The pressure is usually the lowest, so if you are convinced that the exhaust valve is not broken and its hole can move freely as expected, if so, it is the fear of moving in the valve oil pump. , although there are two holes in the pump. The collected tubes are mounted inside the pump through the pump. Some of these engines have developed problems with the Toric seal of the collected tube. Some believe that the Toric seal may be damaged in the initial engine, while others believe that O -Ring is wearing over time, regardless of the cause, if the Toric stamp is broken to get to get it Can allow oil pumps, keep the air through all the holes instead of cleaning the oil from the pan as expected, when the pump sucks a bit of air, it can overcome this at a higher engine speed due to The flow is higher, but slowed down when the oil flow is quite low, the input air may be sufficient due to the fault of the Toric stamp to reduce the oil pressure to the danger. The air is an increase in oil in the crankshaft high enough to dive into the area around the joint of the truck in front of the oil synthesis engine and truck forklift, start the engine and observe the oil pressure when at the time of the object. Is it normal now and where its creativity has a transparent shot in the collection tube, removing the bolts of the collection tube and replacing the toric stamps, you must remove the oil shell depending on the car. This may be a main compartment if it is a careful transmission line, for example, it will also eliminate the difference and basically disassemble most of the truck's front suspension if everything ends, trucks It will also need information about the wheel. Nothing is wrong to do the things after the book, but there may be other ways to do the job that needs a lot of patience, but it is possible to eliminate the reluctance of the selection of tubes without the tray to become, You must remove the lid first and use some small tools with WR closed. However, the screw can be stopped in a pan in a bar, if the screw pump is removed, remove the oil pump from the front of the crankshaft and can cover the removal of the pump oil, but the crankshaft must be placed to one On the side, the collective tube in the tray is still in the position as soon as the pump collection tube has been separated, it can see that the damaged IC of Tox. The old repair guide says that it has a suitable toric label to work and install it carefully to avoid cutting or tightening the tab that Rousass Rouse maintains. This is a gap that makes its tools less likely if you remove the support screw from the collective tube to impose your patience, you have to spend some time to meditate before trying pumping. Oil and screws of the collected tube. reinstall. With a Dremel tool to publish the editing tab, they can be placed on the exhaust hole