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Heler is instructions: Note: Some vehicles may have to illuminate ignition or in second place (or "accessories" or acc) for training and / or exploitation. Homelink. It is also advisable to replace a new battery in the device's hand generator, formed for Homelink for faster training and accurate radio frequency transmission. For the first time holding two external buttons at home and only released if the house lights start to blink after 20 seconds. (Do not perform this step in the training of additional Homelink buttons). 2. Place the 1 to 3 inch mobile transmitter of the living environment (in its mirror) and maintain the light of the house indicator in the vision. Press with both hands at the same time and hold the desired Homelink button and hand button. Do not leave it for a long time that the indicator starts slowly and then blinks quickly. If the light screen flashes quickly, the two buttons can be released. (Flashing quickly shows a successful training course). Note: You can force the garage door to replace step 3 with "radge" specified in "displaying the instructions of Canada's instructions". Hold the Homelink button that is educated and observed the light of the indicator. If the light is solid / continuous, the training is ready and its device should be activated when the homelink lock is controlled and released. If the flash indicator light quickly for 2 seconds and the solid light / constantly falls into the following training guidelines for roller code. The second person can make the next steps faster and easier. Use a scale or other device. Do not put yourself in your car to perform the next steps. 5. Find the "learning" or "smart" button in the motorbuilding machine (Motorhead unit) in the garage (usually near the Angel cable connected to the device). If there is difficulty in finding training status, read the instructions to open the garage door or contact us. 6. Press and publish the "Learn" or "Smart" button (the name and color of the button may vary depending on the manufacturer). Note: As soon as the button drops 30 seconds before to start the next step. 7. Back to the car and press and keep the homelink lock formed for two seconds and release. Repeat the series "Press / Maintenance / Liberation" up to three times to complete the training process. Homelink should now activate your device. Keep the original hand generator of the RF device used in other vehicles, as well as for future homelink programs. It is also proposed that the Homelink buttons planned for safety purposes will be removed during the sale of the car. To eliminate the buttons as planned, implement the designated process in phase No. 1. ** Start with step two