The famous British playwright, William Shakespeare, investigated the question of family and mothers love in most of their works, did not doubt many issues related to family and inter -relationships. Conclude good and bad aspects of these things. Work to explain some basic and complex issues and common psychological conditions for humans. The relationship between Hamlet and Gertrude is Hamlet's mother in the room? Hamlet's mother is Gertrude, one of the few women who appear at work. The author uses his relationship with his son to represent a betrayal action after Father Hamlet cries as a betrayal of betrayal in everything for revenge because he has grown very fast, Like all this makes Hamlet change his attitude towards love and his mother Hamlet was convinced that his mother never loved that his father Hamlet had never had the relationship between Claudio's mother and Hamlet. Affected and rejected this marriage. For the hamlet women, he has a precarious relationship with his mother and Ophélie, he does not respect both women and disturb them openly when starting work, Hamlet's emotions with Ophelia seems to be It was amazing, but then the readers found that he had a problem with the problem connecting to her, the same thing applied to her mother that readers could make a reasonable conclusion that Hamlet Hamlet has had problems with a stable relationship with women in general her general attitude towards negative female characters , her article 100 % on each topic is only 331. , believing that all women later are the Confident Constitution and superficial tests that are unworthy, this is checked for more Hamlet and Ofelia, as mentioned, Hamlet has a relationship with the complex mother of the mother. He, who influenced his relationship with Ofelia in the past. The gap between the two lovers only developed, reaching the point that Hamlet explained that he no longer likes Ofelia. However, after Ofelia's death, he realized that he loved him. The refusal comes from a place for fear that he is afraid of Ofelia does not really like it and deceived him as if Gertrude deceived his father, that Hamlet believed that all women were deceived and deceived and deceived nature and The trap and a trap with his village said, "I also heard about your paintings, quite well that God gave you a lack of cruel beliefs of the village in women.