Please release the script in the debate. As a legal transcript, I have a legal spelling of Merriam Webster. It displays X -ray in the form of verbs and X line as the name.
wikipedia uses Wiktionary saying that X -ray is the alternative way of X -Rays.
Merriam-Webster uses the name, but not the verb and found that the verb is also "often activated". With the end of the first 250 extract from Corpus contemporary, the version was preferred by 2: 1. To end the 250 British Corpus' first appointment, won with the coefficient. 11: 1.
Control in the user manual of Chicago style, 16th version, X -ray not to be capitalized. No, if it's a name, verb or adjective. This is the standard to write novels.
I am a speech therapist and a novel author.
131 The confusion comes from the origin of "x -ry" (or x -ray). Wilhelm Röntgen, a German, discovered and called her. However, all names activated in German and other parts of the language are not. It is not the source of the capital "X". Ironically, X -Rays in German is now called "X -Ray" and the verb "x -ry", "x -rays". X -Rays composed with other wavelengths of light, gamma rays, radio waves, infrared rays, ultraviolet rays, etc.
* Pay special attention to the "gamma ray", the name of a letter in another language (small Greek). It is still in a small one at As a result, he used a small road; It is more than you have to enter the keys to change). Nothing of this capital calls x -rays (as a verb or name) and two dictionaries show a link used. I don't know this term uses this term, but it seems that X -Radiography rays are preferred in medical documents. In addition, our authors rarely use X -ray such as dynamic from , when used as a modified name or tool, "X" is activated in X -ray.
The doctor looked at the patient "S-Quang". "X" is usually activated. Your body must be X -ray. Verbs are usually activated.
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