Verify if your ad code has not expired. Note that the advertising code cannot be used with other incentives. Therefore, they do not work if the articles in the basket are colored in the basket safe for all age groups. Your adequate baby or pig is used safely during pregnancy pgy, color nail polish is the size of the "normal" veno bottle (05 fl oz / 15 ml), but it has lean nails, their movement I am 4 FL Oz / / 120 ML Pigry Color often used less than the solvent paint for a few days if used as a direct wear, children because they are very hard on their nails) and How to use paint for maximum chip resistance, we recommend that you polish dry for 1 minute with a hair dryer in a light layer made from hot / low tube. Three products, although the results are worth extra time because our paint does not contain hard chemicals in the solvent base paintings, unexpectedly exactly the same (but beautiful to close them)! , but it is recommended for maximum resistance because the color of the pig is based on water and does not contain strict chemicals. It takes 4 to 6 hours to reach the final hardness. The dryer line only accelerates this process, another way is to wait and polish your child's nails after bathing before going to bed almost normal paint in a soft state, although it takes more time to be to There is a lot of time to get the maximum hardness, we offer to use some thin layers because it dries faster than a thick layer