Laura Moss is a journalist with more than 15 years of experience in science, natural, cultural and environment 131 , we know that it is better to avoid the rest of the man's table, but sometimes dogs This opens best and us and us and us. You cannot resist sliding a gift from our dishes, no more than 10% of the dog's diet including delicious dishes, including human food , because a meal is good for them. I gave the dog for sure that each dog was different. So try new food in small quantities.
If your dog has a reaction, please refer to the veterinarian, the consequences of your dog's diet can ruin your heart appetite or even death here. Will find a list of food for everyone's dogs and some articles that you should never share with Canine Companion -Doggie-GUSES if you want to give your dog some delicious kitchen dishes of the kitchen. Yours, start with a small unit I love and observe sensitivity. Remember that the pleasures and snacks, even healthy, should only be a small part of a dog's balanced diet, a list of good human foods for dogs is not complete, but that It is a good starting point if it takes care of healthy joy that your Top oats with good fiber oatmeal is ideal, it is ideal for dogs with intestinal adjustments, and even even Chi is not in danger of wheat allergy before serving your puppy. It only provides oatmeal without adding sugar or a full part for a dog to provide 20 points with a spoon that does not want to provide too much oatmeal, as this can cause stomach problems. Thick and weight. Cooling before serving oatmeal can be added as a set of food or used in a separate cheese, maybe a supplement for dogs, but avoid cheese if your dog There is a problem that indicates one or two teaspoons, mixes like a dish or with cooked rice and serves your dog a little to ease the stomach pain.
Carrots these vegetables have low calories and rich in fibers and vitamins. Crispy carrots may be good. The teeth carrots in raw or cooked water, but will definitely be a healthy vegetable carrying iron and vitamins, ensuring the most important thing is destroyed when coinciding with the kidneys, there are many types of green beans. More than the method of ensuring that peanut spoons are not but butter, it is a joy that both can enjoy. This is a great source of protein and fat for dogs that can provide your crispy dogs or ionic peanut butter. poisoning In dogs, Xylitol is absorbed quickly and can lead to high release of insulin and reduce the danger in yogurt of blood sugar in protein and calcium. Natural yogurt is an ideal gastrointestinal type of issues that ensure that you choose yogurt without fruit, supplement or artificial sweeteners, including xylitol that can be fatal. Yogurt has no fat -Life Libre if your dog does not tolerate milk sugar, if chicken yogurt jumps with chicken, make sure it is only served until the chie has been cooked, AVMA, raw meat or no Enough, including chickens, it causes the same level of invention that the Nazis can cause food due to food, including Salmonella, Ecoli and Listeria . It is important to ensure that the puppy Their is not allergic to chicken protein, including chickens, it is a lighter coat, it should only serve the cooked dog: hunter hunters, grill, grill or steam in the dog oven in time. The space of the fish before serving the bone, as well as even small bones can suffocate or damage the internal organs of a dog. This plant broccoli, rich vitamins that are served living or cooked, without spices or masses in supplemented broccoli, it may be a choking risk. Therefore, cutting the trunk before giving your pumpkin dog, you can serve your pumpkin dog, a rough or simple can, as an additional source for fibers and vitamin A, also a complementary. Sung is useful for a dog's food if your dog has problems. With the digestive process of 13331, Kürbis is found from pumpkin, it can be provided for a common cancellation of a dog to reduce constipation with low salt content and low fat content like mozzarella. And goat cheese to avoid the amount of salt and fat in your dog's diet increases because most dogs appreciate it a lot, the owner often sees that cheese is a great place to hide.
Medicines, cheese, cheese, cheese (and other products, milk) are rich in fat. Therefore, the animal does not eat too often, because the risk of disease can raise bananas due to unsuitable salmonella or eggs, very rich in potassium and vitamin B6 and vitamins and vitamins and vitamins and vitamins. C, Bananas are a healthy joy that you can share with your puppy, you can provide your dog with small slices of bananas or crush it and mix it with the normal food of the dog.
Apple. Some of the apple cuttings are a great snack for dogs. Remove nucleus and seeds before providing your puppies, while cyanide poisoning from apple seeds is rare. It is better to avoid risks by removing all seed applications -ADS -ADD -ADS -BIBibr and vitamins for your dog's diet and is a sweet, satisfactory and low treatment method. . There is an additional advantage and strawberry short before serving them in your puppy. Make your dog ensure that strawberries must not exceed 10% of their food for dog food is not suitable for food that is not safe for dogs to react to these foods that is an immediate reaction. , while others cause a delayed reaction that during the time when you have a pet consumes a toxic meal, chocolate can vomit, diarrhea, irregular heart rate, crisis and even death. It is important to keep chocolate products from your puppy at any time.
grapes and raisins, while nutrients, people, grapes and raisins are extremely toxic to dogs and can cause kidney failure, even very small quantities of these fruits can cause damage Unmatched harm, and even death, it is no difference if raw fruits or raw fruits are cooked, grapes and raisins are dead for dogs and at any time than in reach. And other onions, as well as other members of the Allium genre makes the dog very very, including vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, depression and loss of appetite if suspected that its doubt is there. Onions, garlic or other genetic plants, convey that with his veterinarian immediately, to monitor the condition of his animal. A toxin is called Persin, which can cause Dianrea in dogs in birds and other mammals, including horses, rabbits and rats, stomach pain that macadamia nuts in dogs vomit more serious complications. 1531 When introducing your puppy to try these nuts, the puppy can cause significant poisoning to a dog that can cause vomiting, cramps and even death, as well as alcoholic beverages. After drinking perfume, drugs, paint, dogs can be protected with ethanol and icy; Or after eating lazy apples, berries or a rough mixture