How is a block restored if you have forgotten the combination? Answer: If you remove the packaging block, the combination is "0000". Enter this combination and push the groove at the back of the lock and to the left. As soon as you do this, determine its new combination, push notch to the right and then. Now your edge block is rebooted. Can you repeat a castle of the war against a flow? Depending on the circumstances, the restart of a combination of a safety may be relatively simple. First, safety must be opened to restore it. Then enter the factory code, combine new and generally, the factory code again to store it. Mechanical congestion can be restored ... or not How do you change the combination in safety for the safety of the Brinks house? How to change the combination in a straight safety with the current combination. Press the memory button. Enter your favorite combination in only 3 to 8 and then click "B". Listen to two beeps and watch LED light. Hold the door open and press the lock. . Fill in Manila and identify your own combination by dialing. Return Manila as usual. The parameter is now completed. How does a combination of open safety without a combination? Open a safe without a combination, you have to find an emergency key for the safe. Removing the dashboard includes its safety dial. As soon as you have eliminated the school, see the dial. Place the emergency keys in the emergency lock and go until the safe is safe. How to change the combination of my digital tank? Enter your current digital combination on the keyboard, followed by #. Safe zipper open and open the door safely. Press the red access code button on the door safely. Listen to the Digital GDP keyboard specified three times and you can enter your new password. What is a 4 -word combination of restored lock? Publications of Category-331Gal we use cookies to make sure it provides the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this website, we think you are satisfied.ok