Independent War: The turning point of 1776-17777 1777 is still in a great position to suppress rebellion. If there was no different mistakes, they would probably have won the war. Bringing Burgoyne to Saratoga George Washington newspapers in early 1777, British officials reviewed certain plans for his next campaign. One of the people who decided to fight in the Hudson River Valley and thus cut New England from other colonies.
General William Howe is expected to lead to northern New York, while General John Burgoyne should drive in southern Canada. Meanwhile, General Barry St. His Leger brought the Mohawk valley to New York. The main problem is not with the plan, but with it. Historians continued to ask if Howe was informed or negotiated alone. Regardless of the reason decided to catch Philadelphia, the headquarters of the continental congress, instead of working with Burgoyne and St. Leger. Howe hoped that when he confiscated Philadelphia, he would join loyalty in Pennsylvania, this will not encourage rebels by understanding their capital and putting the war into a rap version. Washington tried to disappoint Howwe's plan, but Howe protected him at Brandywine Creek and then in Germantown. While Howe's armed forces were established in winter districts in Philadelphia, the continental army entered the winter districts in the Forge valley. There, the army faced the extreme deprivation. Meanwhile, Burgoyne and St. Leger had suffered great failures in Oriskany, New York in the North; Bennington, Vermont; And finally in Saratoga, New York. These American victories are essential because they have contributed to convincing the French to recognize the independence of the United States and bring the French into a direct war like military allies. The French contract is also the result of a new British peace proposal, which Lord North declared in late 1777. The French feared that Americans would accept the proposal of the North because it gave virtual autonomy in the base. Quoc Anh. Allianz Française changed the face of the war for the British; The US independent war now is basically World War. However, it is still not safe to win the battle because many documents show the exact sign of victory in the war. Other documents linked to these issues are looking for predsnnisoneaaaaa by using keywords such as Howe, Burgoyne, Gates, Saratoga, Philadelphia, Brandywine, Germantown, Valley Forge, France and Vergen (French Foreign Minister ). Search for articles and Washington magazines of the continental Congress for this day (for example: