They told me that the controller was close to the fuel track in the engine compartment. They also told me that it was a part that could replace the fuel pump in the fuel tank. I bought a regulatory agency, but I could not find the existing controller near the fuel tracks. I removed the bomb and I didn't see it either.
Can you say the place to adjust the fuel pressure? Thank you very much, Walter Deck is in the tank and the pump must be separated to repair it. The pump can be accessed by removing and an access plate. There is only one fuel pump and controller. Discover the diagrams (below). Let us know if you need anything else to solve the problem.
131131 of wdececck.thercri for quick reaction. The drawing controller does not seem to be sold by Autozone. Do you like you to have a wider image of the controller? Thank you very much, Walter one of the first images. All I saw was the controller in the pump cluster, I also took a picture of what was better. There is a TSB if your car starts for more than three seconds. The number of TSB is NTB05-052C.
The number one number is 17342-01A00 and 22670-ZG80C. This only applies to QR25 or QG18 engine. It is very likely that the car will sell them the bad or newer design. Contact the agent because this can still be done according to warranty. In a way, however, I doubt it. Look at the photos.
I have a 2006 Nissan Sentra 1.8 and I want to know the time or when it is hot outside. Many thanks to Ronnie , there is no fuel pressure regulator in this car, only fuel pumps, which are also controllers. I will replace the pump, she has a hatch on a service hole in my back seat. The chart shows a pump exploitation view and the removal of clips containing the service lid. Check the diagrams (below).
Let us know what is happening. Prost is to change the fuel pressure regulator. Where is an idea? I looked everywhere and I couldn't find it? Can you help me? I took out traffic jams and you soaked gasoline. I changed ...
cars don't want to play, I checked the candle when you have sparks and you have a spark, but they are only full of benz when the gas steps up. It contains gas stars and what is happening and how much it will cost.
Reasons to try to fill the fuel tank, the tap pump jumps as if the tank is full?